Asinou Church


The Asinou Church is a 12th Century structure dedicated the Virgin Mary.

The church is situated in the village of Asinou. It features frescoes from the 12th Century and later periods that have been called the grandest examples of Byzantine mural painting on the small island. In all, there are more than 100 paintings in the Asinou Church. The main paintings depict the life of Jesus Christ.

These works of art include the portrayal of The Last Supper and the Crucifixion. Other paintings, housed on the lower levels in the church, encompass paintings of individual saints. Lastly, the church is home to a wide variety of paintings of the Virgin Mary and stories from her life.

The modest structure boasts a common church design of the 12th Century. It is made up of a rectangular nave covered by a barrel vaulted dome. Primarily, it was built with mud mortar. Needless to say, the church has been victim to frequent collapses and has undergone more then one reconstruction.

The church sits near (5 kilometers) Nikitari, bordering the Nicosia-Troodos road. It is approximately 20 kilometers north of Kakopetria. Visitors are encouraged to request the assistance of the Nikitari village priest when traveling to the church. The priest can escort visitors through the church.





Asinou Church Nicosia
1304 Cyprus, Cyprus


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